невозможный ребёнок (e3uk) wrote in salsatwincities,
невозможный ребёнок

Music for salsa!

Sorry for asking, but I want to study salsa at home (also I study in a club).

Could you recommend me free sites to download salsa-music?
Or named few artist to search.

Muchos gracias*
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Hi, I can help you, no probs! I´ve got great amount of salsa music and some video lessons as well, feel free to contact:-) adios x
hey I've just recently found this site and i'm in desperate need of trying to find music to learn how to salsa too - my boyfriend needs to learn by my sister's wedding on the 10th lol.. If u could please hook me up too i'd appreciate it!!! im dsuyentor2003@Yahoo.com :):):) ( i've already got a ton of songs by celia cruz...lol)
addicted to salsa have great detailed videos
hi,i'm a new memeber of this community!
Would like to learn salsa at home too!
Do you mind sending me the videos?

thousand thanks.

lots of thanks!*
Music is my soul and specially Latino Music. which you can find great music from Luis Miguel, Enrique Iglesias, Ricky Martin and Shakira at my radio to att http://www.live365.com/stations/byricardo.
I don't reject! Great Comment!
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